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$130,000 and counting!

Hair was my side hustle for 13 years. But thanks to D-Source, I've turned it into so much more. During my height at ULTA, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, seemingly taking all my previous success with it. During the worldwide downtime, I began planting the seeds of Joyola Mei Salon. Coming out of the pandemic an aspiring business owner was scary and intimidating. But the more clients and opportunities I gained, the more I knew I had to take that leap of faith. And I’m glad I had D-Source by my side when I did. Because I’ve already accomplished far more than I ever sought to do. I’m working with my dream clientele, I’ve received more than $40,000 in grants alone, and I’ve opened my very first retail location in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood - a space for curly, kinky, and coily women to rest their crowns. Since opening, we have been featured in over 20 news and media publications and our schedule stays booked - not too bad for a Black woman from humble beginnings.

- Joyell Lewis, Joyola Mei Salon, Detroit, MI

"Giving me what I need to grow."

Having D-Source tools in my arsenal has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders - especially as a startup owner. There's so much you must learn on the go. And the "to-do's" can be overwhelming in those early stages. So I hired D-Source to set us up - and I'm happy I did! Never before have I felt so much at ease with building a business from the ground up. Our sales have more than tripled since our first year (in 2021). I couldn't be more confident seeking funding as we prepare to scale. I love to show off the business portfolio I’ve built with D-SOURCE’s assistance.

- Cheryl Shannon-Green, CEO, Surge VPMA, Minneapolis, MN

"Beyond grateful!"

Following the pandemic, my childcare company was starting from ground zero - in a new location and at our lowest enrollment in over a decade. D-Source was right there to support our rebirth when we needed it most. With D-Source's help, we renewed plans for our company’s future and eventually secured over $60,000 for facility upgrades. We are now serving more families than ever before. It's only up from here!

- Tangella Colston, Owner and Manager of 4C Learning Treehouse Childcare in Farmington, MI.

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Wendy Caldwell-Liddell

“I’m here to make sure you succeed.”

Wendy Caldwell is a Small-Business Coach and Fund Development Strategist. She has over a decade of experience working alongside community-based Grantmakers and Lenders.

"I've made it my literal business to empower entrepreneurs with funding knowledge. The result? Nearly $1M in successful fund development strategies, more vital companies, and a smaller gap between hard-working entrepreneurs and the resources they need to thrive."

- Wendy, Chief Coach & Strategist

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