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Tools and full-length virtual courses designed to guide small businesses through growth, funding, and sustainability.

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Improve your business planning with streamlined guides

Use guided business tools to track your company's growth and document exciting plans.

Action Plans for Every Stage of Entrepreneurship

Business Planning and Portfolio Templates

Profit and Market Assessments

Here’s What's Included

Assess Your Readiness

Assess Your Readiness

Evaluate entrepreneurial strengths and weaknesses.

Cultivate and Test Your Next Idea

Action Planning at Every Stage

Practical action steps to keep your business moving and growing.

Develop Pricing Models

Pricing Assessments and Budgets.

Improve the value of your offerings with financial tools that illuminate opportunities for your pricing and sales.

The “Ready to Grow’ Action Plan

Idea Cultivation & Testing

Use your talents, skills, and passions as the foundation for your next business. Test potential profit margins and evaluate your market opportunity.

The “One-Page Business Plan”

Build a Comprehensive Business Portfolio

Go beyond business planning and develop a portfolio that grows your company.

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Create and execute multifaceted growth strategies.

Expand your market footprint, grow your sales,  and lay the foundation of your company's future.

Growth Strategies for Every Stage

Comprehensive Financial Models

Retail Development Guides

Here’s What's Included

Startup and Expansion Budgets

Targeted Marketing Strategies

Maximize your impact in spaces where your company is needed and wanted most.

The Financial Flows Tracker

Professional Guidance

Secure technical service(s) to conduct accounting, legal review(s), digital marketing, retail leasing, and construction.

Monthly and Annual Financial Projections

Growth Strategies

Sales and operations strategies that get your company moving today and prepared for tomorrow.

Retail Development Guidance

Secure a retail home and manage your construction project like a pro!

The Professional Services Guide

Informative Financial Workbooks

Track your cash flow, assess your profit margins, and evaluate the investment(s) required to realize your plans.

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Connect with resource providers in your community. Make a lasting impression with Grantmakers and Lenders.

Discover and maximize support from local small-business assistance programs. Build high-quality applications for funders.

Maximize assistance from free and low-cost small business programs in your community.

Connect with Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI's) in your area.

Discover Small-Business Grantmakers in your Community.

Here’s What's Included

Discover Resource Centers

Discover Resource Centers

Find accessible and affordable small business resource programming in your area.

Connect with Local Funders

Establish Your Fund Development Plans

Map your company's financial plans: earned revenue strategies, equity investment, external capital needs,  and sources of funding.

Speak the Funders Language

Connect with
Local Funders

Build relationships with lenders and grantmakers in your area

Prepare Funding Applications

Prepare Funding Packages

Leverage your "Founder Readiness" and integral plans to build compelling loan and grant applications.

Complete the Funders Checklist

Join "The Funder's Toolkit"

Show up to your Funders doorstep as your best entrepreneurial self with personalized guidance.

“D-Source helped me elevate from Hair Stylist to CEO of a six-figure "Curly Girl" salon. Whenever I want to launch a new product or level up my company, D-Source is my first stop. These tools will always be #1 on my list ."

- Joyell Lewis, CEO, Joyola Mei Salon, Detroit, MI

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